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Pricing to International Customers

Pricing to global key customers can be rather difficult. Learn tips and best practices through this whitepaper.

DispersedData.jpgSomething I myself have experienced first hand is the challenge of pricing to global customers, who buy from your company in different countries around the world, often try to shop around and get a lower price in one country transferred to the prices they pay in other countries.

My colleagues over at Stratinis have a great whitepaper about how to mitigate the international pricing challenges and exploiting the opportunities: http://info.stratinis.com/whitepaper-pricing-to-global-key-accounts

Very often the biggest challenges are around how to coordinate internationally as well as how to resist the pressure from such customers to harmonize prices to the lowest common denominator. It is quite common in most industries and corporations to have prices varying by 30-50% for the same product in different countries. It might come from historical reasons or be part of a strategy to price according to the market's maturity or local cost level. But such price differences will always be the target of an international buyer who will seek to harmonize all price differences down to the lowest common denominator. You never see him going for the average or the highest price of course.

If you are looking for experts who can help you structure your approach to global customer pricing, you should also take a look at RevBeam's services around global key account pricing.

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